‘Future of the Audemars Piguet Presentation Box’:

In collaboration with a brand, we translated regenerative biodesign practices into the industrial realm through the development of a watchbox for Audemars Piguet. This watchbox is crafted from new biochar-based biomaterials, incorporating negative emission technology.

Work in collaboration with Yilin Han, Jordan Murray, and Liv Tsim for Audemars Piguet and Central Saint Martins.


/ biochar
Biochar is made through a thermal process called pyrolysis: the heating of biomass in a zero-oxygen environment. It  results in a negative emissions technology that locks carbon in a stable form permanently. 


/ carbon sink
The production of biochar locks carbon in a permanent stable state, even when applied to a soil ecosystem.
/ waste-stream agnostic
Biochar is non-waste stream dependent, meaning it does not rely on the perpetuation of any particular industry.    
/ regenerates soil
Biochar can be returned to the soil while supplying long term benefits and preventing the organic carbon from re-entering the atmosphere. 

Watchbox concept development

/ developing the biomaterials



Pine resin

Sodium alginate

Vegetable glycerin

Biochar: pure charcoal

Biochar leather: biochar, glycerin, sodium alginate, water

Biochar composite: biochar, pine resin, sodium alginate

Our intention is for Captis to represent a core paradigm shift by designing for regeneration. By converting bio-waste to biochar, carbon that would have otherwise returned to the atmosphere is locked in a stable state and prevented from re-entering the carbon cycle.

In collaboration with MA Biodesign, Central Saint Martins and Audemars Piguet 2022

Team members: Yilin Han, Jordan Murray, and Liv Tsim
Project mentored by Hana Komanova and Michelle Lowe-Holder
Footage from the NASA digital Archive. All original photographs. Graphic by Jordan Murray. 3D model by Yilin Han. 
Tutors: Nancy Diniz – Course Leader MA Biodesign, CSM, UAL / Alice Taylor – Lecturer of Biology and Living Systems MA Biodesign, CSM, UAL / Victoria Geaney – Associate Lecturer in Design Studios, MA Biodesign, CSM, UAL, Carole Collet – Director of Maison/0, CSM, UAL.